Workshops in Physical Computing

In association with Hall Couture in Paris, workshops in Physical Computing are proposed for those seeking introduction to practices of creating interactive systems using electronics and digital techniques. These workshops are destined for beginners, with a primary goal of demystifying electronic manipulation and programming microcontrollers. Since these will be held in Paris, workshops will be presented in a bilingual fashion. Further information is available (en français) at the following link.

Exhibition Temps Irréel at Swiss gallery Villa Bernasconi

As part of the festival Antigel in Geneva (CH) the exhibition Temps Irréel at the gallery Villa Bernasconi hosted a variety of digital and sculptural works from artists otherwise recognized as renowned pioneers of video mapping. The Walking Cube was presented as the guiding theme of a show highlighting namely the works of François Moncarey and members of 1024 Architecture. An excellent video detailing the totality of this event is available to view.

The Innovation World: Behind the Curtain

Biographical accounts of the realities encountered when attempting to build a career as an artisan of technology are presented in raw detail These writings seek to achieve transparency in a world often dominated by appearances. The fairy dust wonders sold and consumed in the name of "innovation" are mostly swept aside here. Find out what lies behind the curtain.

the site also includes the following content:


Presentation of independent and collaborative works from 2006 to 2016 are exhibited in their process and finality.

Custom Productions

Multiple projects in collaboration with international artists are presented among the portfolio entries. Documentation of process and result are showcased. Calls are open for consultation and co-production.

Artlab Residencies (Paris 10e)

2012 - 2014, documentation of results of the residency program at the Paris Artlab are presented in their process and finality. Participants were chosen based on the aesthetic value and originality of proposals related to art and technology.