(X) Crossings

In collaboration with Albertine Meunier & Julien Levesque
Fabrication, electronics, programming: Jason Cook
Program google latitude: Sébastien Bourdu

Running into someone on the street, in a café, meeting each other by chance… Crossings was inspired by the repeated observation of 2 persons' movements through the city of Paris in their daily lives. Following several such encounters, the artists Albertine and Julien were surprised to discover that their paths crossed regularly without intention. But how many times did they cross without them even knowing it? Crossings is about moving closer and further apart on the space/time curve of people we know, a way of questioning chance or fate. "Crossings" is an object that records the distance between Albertine and Julien in real-time.

In our nomadic and mobile lives, we are localized in real-time. But have we observed the distance that separates two individuals in real-time? Now that we carry cell phones, this distance can be precisely measured, recorded and revealed through a curve that illustrates this action of moving away / moving closer. Perhaps this observation can help us unravel a bit of the randomness in our chance encounters.

Materials: Arduino, Ethernet Shield, Barometer, Servo Motor, Stiletto, Paper

    2012 Futur en Seine - le 104 - Paris, France
    2012 PARIZONE @DREAM - Area Gallery - Paris, France
    2012 Show Off - Vanessa Quang Gallery - Paris, France
    2012 Transmutation - La Tapisserie - Paris, France